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Custom Plugins

We have many plugins, which are properly setup and more and more plugins will become part of our server at some point. We currently have things such as kill feed, point store, loot boxes, quests, point farming, automatic mute system, track dino, extended RCON and many more!


By showing your support and commitment to our server you can and will earn rewards, by joining our discord and or voting for our servers you can claim rewards! These rewards build up every time you successfully vote or recruit new ark players into our discord! for more information check the reward roster in the discord.


If you show your support by donating to our server you can be rewarded with V.I.P loot boxes, and other things depending on what you are interested in and how much you donated. But keep in mind this is not a pay to win server and it never will be. Donating doesn't mean you will get yourself the 754,33% fabricated sniper rifle blueprints which you might think about.

In-Game Point Shop

We have a fully custom ingame point store, these points are redeemable ingame by killing wild dinos, completing quests and attending admin events. This point store hold all sorts of dino's, pvp kits, boss kits and alot more!


Every day our admins will come up with a fun event which players can attend to earn in-game rewards or vouchers for our shop. Most of these events happen after 19:30 CET


Every two weeks we will have random giveaways, game keys, ARK DLC's, or VIP membership for 1 month!


Join our discord now to stay up to date with all our new rules changes, patch notes and updates! Join now!